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  • $49.95

Tech Specs

  • Size: N/A
  • Finish: Polished Mirror
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Natural Polished Steel
  • Shipping Weight: ****


A high quality professional grade instrument from SKINPAL SERIES range of skin care products. All Suvorna products are hand made by skilled craftsmen from finest materials. Ideal for use at home, spa’s or salons. Combines multiple implements to address all kinds of blackheads & whiteheads remover. Made with highest grade of stainless steel for professional use.


  • Hand crafted with high quality forged Stainless Steel.
  • Includes two main handles and fourteen implements that screw on to the main body to provide various combination.
  • Knurled slender body for better grip.
  • Suitable for both Blackheads and Whiteheads.

Implements included in this kit


Medium lancet

Stubby arrow shaped curved lancet with thick sharp end. Similar to the tri-sided lancet except for its shorter length and sturdy design.


Large lancet

Elongated pyramid shaped extra sharp pointed lancet. Lancet is primarily used on whiteheads & pimples to slightly pierce them draining the serum.


Large elongated cup extractor

Large elongated oval and shallow cup with center hole (1/16th inch diameter). The cup is typically laid over the area encircling the blackhead. Applying gentle pressure then pops it out.


Deep angled cup extractor

Spherical extra deep cup 1/8th inch diameter with center hole (1/16th inch in diameter)). Similar to the large shallow cup except for its shorter size and greater depth.


Small cup extractor

Spherical cup 1/8th inch diameter with center hole (1/16th inch in diameter).


Large cup extractor

Spherical deep cup 1/8th inch diameter with center hole (1/16th inch in diameter)). Similar to the large shallow cup except for its circular design and greater depth.


Large shallow multi-hole flat cup

Large parabolic implement with multiple holes.


Small Curved Ring

Small thin perimeter ring (1/8th inch in diameter). Rings are similar in use to the loops but are circular like the cupped ends and provide extra room.


Small ring extractor

Small thin perimeter ring (1/8th inch in diameter). Rings are similar in use to the loops but are circular like the cupped ends and provide extra room.


Large tear drop ring

Large ring shaped in a tear drop form.


Large rectangular ring with bent side

Large flat ring that is rectangular in shape and has a curved bend on one side.


Large rectangular ring

Large falt ring that is rectangular in shape.


Thin wire loop

Rolled thin angular loop. Loops are typically useful for removing whiteheads. Lancets are usually required for more stubborn whiteheads.


Flap Loop

Thin flat loop with slight curve. Similar to the thin rolled loop except that the loop is flat and wider.

Box Packing

Box Packing

Comes with free case. The convenient carrying case made for life long protection from dust.


Multi-Axis Swivel Ring

Swivel finger rest features two axis rotation.

Adjustment Screw

Adjustment Screw

Easy Blue titanium coated knurled knob with backing plate for tension adjustment.

Stylish Handle

Stylish Handles

Comfortable & attractive handle design for a stylish look.

Sharp Blade

Razor Sharp Cutting Edges

2.25" razor edge cutting blade for silky smooth cutting.

Thinning Blade

Razor Sharp Thinning Blade

2.25" razor edge thinning cutting blade for thin & silky smooth cutting.

Rubber Inserts

Finger Inserts

Two pairs of matching color rubber finger inserts for size adjustment and comfort.
( Color may vary )

Finger Rest

Blue Titanium coated finger rest

Removable blue titanium coated finger rest for your comfort.

Leather Case

Genuine Leather Case

Comes with free case made from genuine high quality leather. The convenient carrying case features a single magnetic button and is tailor made for life long protection from dust.

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